About us

Don’t be a tourist, become one of us.

It is all about the team and its way of doing it. At Ride around, we really try to offer our best and the best of what our region is giving us, by creating unique and custom-made itineraries and experiences.

We are locals who know how to cherish our environment. We live what we do, and to be honest, we really like our lives. What we wish is to share the beauties of this land with you and show you all those hidden spots, places that make us go wow every day and introduce you to friendly people that make our land so special.

Don’t be a tourist, become one of us.

We are a team of young people who do not work in tourism, but we live it. As locals, we offer a wide range of products for home and foreign visitors. From day trips to active holidays. The greatest emphasis is given to incomig visitors of our region. In this way we try to contribute also to the quality of the stay and regional experience. We are especially specialized in individual guests, custom-made and personalised tours. Despite our youthfulness, we have more than fifteen years of experience in tourism. We are an adventure embodied, but at the same time, we are professionals who like to  work in a well-organised way – the only way that makes you free of worries and be able to relax and enjoy the ride.

What makes us special is that we like to spice up our trips with some creativity. That is how we came up with our tours: they are a dynamic and exciting way of experiencing this land of stunning beauties. Insider access to little known gems and thoughtfully chosen activities is key to our mission of shaping exceptional, lasting memories. Based on years of work in the Slovenian tourism and the good relationship that we cultivate with our partners, we can say that we are trying to offer our guests only the best of what our destinations offer. Individual approach and flexibility of supply, according to the wishes and needs of our guests. This is what differentiated us and push us closer to our customers, so closer to you.

Join us and write with us the next chapter in the book of experiences and memories. Ride around with us!

If you want to tell us anything don’t hesitate to contact us

Ride around with us!

Join us and write with us the next chapter in the book of experiences and memories. If you want to tell us anything don't hesitate to contact us.