Why Ride around

We are locals who know how to cherish our environment. We live what we do, and to be honest, we really like our lives.

What we wish is to share the beauties of this land with you and show you all those hidden spots, places that make us go wow every day and introduce you to friendly people that make our land so special. All of this is done through our local tours.

Don’t be a tourist, become one of us.

With our customized and tailor-made offer of local tours, we can really give you an itinerary that will follow all your wishes and needs. In this way, we can create an ideal vacation for you.
There are almost no limits. We can create a unique combination of activities, that you like and would love to enjoy during your stay with us.

From different sports activities to wine tours. From sightseeing to adventurous  and muliday tours.
Slovenia really offers a diverse and large spectre of options, that we try to combine in the best way for you.

We collaborate with partners and suppliers, that are our friends and they share the same passion as we do.
We believe that only in this way you can enjoy the location and our culture in its best light. You are not travelling and exploring around only with your local guide, but you meet locals, our friends and you spend the time as we usually do. The best way to get to know the locals and have fun during the local tours.

  • flexible schedules and itineraries
  • small groups and individuals
  • personal approach
  • local atmosphere
  • local guides
  • professional
  • friendly
  • relaxed
  • fun


If you want to ask us something give us your feedback or book your own ride around, don`t hesitate to CONTACT US!