Why Slovenia


Slovenia, the land on the sunny side of the Alps, is the only country in the world that holds love even in its name. Far from this only being a linguistical trivia, love is also the term that can best describe the essence of Slovenian people.

Even though it is spread on a tiny piece of the planet, Slovenia is a land of everything, a universe of all things nice: from mighty mountains with incredible views of Pannonian Basin and Adriatic sea to endless forests that cover 80 % of the total surface, from the calmness of fertile fields to vivacious wine-growing sites,  from lively villages that give you a hint of intimacy to busy city centres that rarely rest. And it goes on: diversity of terrains, their perfect position and kind climate conditions are translated into extraordinary culinary creations and topped with some of the world’s greatest wines. Then there is the sea – small in size of the coast, but grand in its charm, easily accessible with any means of transport.

As you can imagine by now, diversity is what characterises Slovenia. But it is that short word in its name that binds rich history, landscape architecture and numerous treasures, among which Slovenian people are the biggest of all. Welcome to Slovenia.

The Goriška region, which is our home, offers an extremely long season. It lasts almost all year round and with a mild climate offers an ideal rest and dislocation from the everyday hustle and bustle. At the same time is located at the junction of the sea, high mountains, wine-growing region, large Towns and transportation links. Perfect for your next escape. Join us!